The Sett, Durban North
     1st Floor, Kensington Boulevard
     54 Adelaide Tambo Drive
  North Beach, Durban
     The Durban Jewish Club
     44 KE Masinga Rd
Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri, 7:30am - 5:30pm
  083 445 5097

Work Day Credits (Valid Mon - Fri)

Price incl.VAT Workstation Unlimited WiFi Brainstorm Room Access Expiry Period
Per hour R60 - Valid for 6 months
Drop in (for up to 3 hours) R125 Valid for 6 months
1 Work Day R199 Valid for 6 months
5 Work Days R945
(R189 per day)
Valid for 6 months
10 Work Days R1,790
(R179 per day)
Valid for 6 months
20 Work Days R3,200
(R160 per day)
Valid for 6 months

Credits can be purchased by individuals or companies with multiple users. Book online

For Meeting Room and Training Venue - Contact us for bookings and rates